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Name:Jatuarnada Joadiarnadata | Jajo

Jatuarnada Joadiarnadata ★ Jajo

★ VISUAL: Just your average, run-of-the-mill huge purple guy. He comes with horns, ears that swivel to pick up sounds, a tufted tail, dreadlocks pulled messily back that hang down to his midback, and cybernetic prosthetic legs and arms. Three fingers on each hand, and his digitigrade legs end in dainty little points, perfect for tap dancing. His movements are cautious and very deliberate and controlled, and he's constantly trying to make himself slightly less in the way.
★ AGE: Early 20s.
★ SPECIES: Tundan.
★ HEIGHT: Tall, very tall, around 7'5. Taller when he straightens up.
★ WEIGHT: Really, really heavy. Please don't bench press the large man.

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